Yamamoto D-Shad 5″


Probably the best soft-plastic jerk bait in the market

  • unique wobbling and rolling action on the fall, much like the legendary Senko
  • heavier than other soft-plastic jerk baits, resulting in
    • longer cast
    • stays under surface on fast retrieves
  • can be fished super slow, as well as super fast

Count: 7 pcs per pack

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The Yamamoto D-Shad is a unique soft plastic jerk bait. Unlike other soft jerk baits, the D-Shad is considerably heavier thanks to Yamamoto’s special formula, which makes it easier to cast even in windy conditions.

This lure is versatile. It can be worked aggressively when the fish is active and responds well to erratic fast-moving baits. But it can also be fished super slow if required. On high-speed retrieves, the bait stays below the surface, while on slow retrieves it falls with a very enticing wobbling and rolling action.

For best results, it is recommended to use Yamamoto D-Shad with a wide-gap hook with screw-lock, unweighted or with a small added weight. For example, Dima’s Screw-Lock Hook.




Smoke Shad, Olive Shad, Pearl White, Lime Fever, Perch, Watermelon Black Red Flk


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