Relax Bass 3″


  • sleek and slender shape
  • tea leaf tail design, hard thumping action
  • hook slots along the top and bottom to keep the hook point hidden
  • count: 10 pieces per pack
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Relax Bass 3” is one of the latest products redesigned for improved performance. The Relax Bass 3″ drives all gamefish crazy with its sleek and slender shape, and tea leaf tail design. Its streamlined shape allows water to flow past its body straight towards its hard thumping tail. This sleek body design incorporates shallow hook slots along the top and bottom of the lure to help keep the hook point hidden. This allows the Bass 3″ to work easily around heavy vegetation, grass and underwater obstructions. Relax Bass 3″ offered in a wide assortment of laminated and some standard colors.




#L024 Black & White


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