Molix Top Water 130


  • strong treble hooks
  • glass rattling to create an exclusive sound
  • innovative body design for long-distance cast
  • full-wire concept
  • size: 130mm
  • weight: 47g
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The performance of the MTW 130 will surprise all lovers of surface fishing. It is, in fact, a very funny and deadly lure with predators that hunt afloat. The special arrangement of the decentralized weights and a design that radically differs from the standard of walking the dog originates a particular floating effect, different and effective in fishing. In addition to lateral skids, this lure develops vertical oscillations of the muzzle that are very attractive towards the most suspicious predators. The model of the MTW 130  is suitable for fishing for large predators, especially in the sea.




Luna Nera, Euro Shad, Verde Tempesta


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