Molix Casting Jig Minnow 85


  • hybrid lure combining best features of metal jig and stick minnow
  • super strong body, UV coating
  • 3-D textured details
  • hydrodynamic profile
  • Weight: 26 g
  • Length: 85 mm
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The CJM 85B is a hybrid lure that combines the peculiarities and strengths of a classic metal jig by combining them with the realism and hydrodynamics of hard bait. The result is a sinking lipless minnow with a very high specific weight in relation to its size, characterized by excellent castability, typical of a jig, and the sinuous movement of a stick minnow.
The small size of this lure faithfully imitates those of forage fish, the main prey of coastal and deep-sea predators, thus making it extremely versatile for both inshore and offshore fishing.
The falling sway, combined with pauses during recovery triggers the attack of predators. The particular recess of the muzzle, in the front part of the bait, improves its movement both with a linear recovery and with strong jerks, which widen the irregular skids.
The shell made of ABS is very resistant. 3D technology and UV coating make the colors brighter, more durable, and improve their aesthetic appearance.




Spring Sarda, Crazy Pink, Crazy White


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