Skinny Drop-Shot Weights


  • High-Quality Clip → holding the line without tying a knot
  • Skinny Cylindrical Shape → fewer hung ups in rocky bottom
  • Quality Swivel easy 360° rotation reducing line twist
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Skinny Drop Shot Weights

The Drop-Shot rig is a very efficient way of catching fish, especially when weather conditions are tough. Every angler should master this finesse fishing technique. There are times when it will help you fill your bag in a hurry. And there are times when it will save your day and catch at least some fish while nothing else produces a bite.

Apart from the Drop-Shot rig, these weights are also suitable for the so-called “Moscow rig”

Unique features

  • High-Quality Clip for holding the line without tying a knot – it will save you a ton of time and effort. Just put the line through the specially designed clip, pull up the line and you are ready to go. In case you get hung up, the weight will clip off without breaking off the rig. All you have to do is clip on another weight and you’re back to fishing without re-tying the whole rig.
  • Skinny Cylindrical Shape for fewer hung ups in rocky bottom – this weight is designed specifically for hard bottom types. It goes through rocks and brush piles better than round-shaped or teardrop-shaped weights.
  • Quality Swivel for easy 360° rotation – the built-in swivel helps to reduce potential line twist


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