Dima’s Signature Spinnerbaits


  • Compact Design → longer cast
  • Unique Blades perfect flash/lift balance
  • Razor-Sharp Hook better hookups ratio
  • Thin Wire Frame extra vibration
  • Hand-Tied Skirt natural lifelike action
  • Top-Quality Swivel seamless blade rotation
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The Dima’s Signature Spinnerbait is designed and handcrafted with passion by the Bass Fishing Champion Dmitry Brylev

FIPSed Black Bass World Championships – Gold medal in Spain 2013; Silver medal in Italy 2011; Bronze medal in Italy 2015. 

Unique features

  • Compact Design for longer casts – this lure cuts through the wind better than other spinnerbaits thanks to its compact body, relatively small wireframe and thin skirt
  • Unique Blades for perfect flash/lift balance – the so-called “Wide-Willow-Leaf” blades combine the benefits of both commonly used types of blades: the Willow-Leaf and Colorado. The Wide-Willow-Leaf blades create a sufficient amount of flash, and at the same time are wide enough to displace a significant amount of water, and thus keeping the bait high enough in the water column.
  • Razor-Sharp Hook for better hookups – Dima’s Spinnerbait is made with Gamakatsu hooks which are well-known for their high quality
  • Thin Wire Frame for extra vibration – thinner than usual wire diameter is used in order to give some extra vibration to the lure
  • Hand-Tied Skirt for natural lifelike action – all skirts are hand-tied using high-quality silicone materials
  • Top-Quality Swivel for seamless blade rotation – only the best quality swivels are used in Dima’s Spinnerbait. The blade “turns on” as soon as the bait hits the water, it spins enticingly on the fall and keeps spinning even on super-slow retrieves.


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